High hopes in thin air

ISTE 2010 in Denver – the first “NECC” conference under its new name – was brimful of energy and optimism despite fiscal belt-tightening across the country.  I’ll publish specific “ahas” in the next few days, here and elsewhere, but one lesson is clear: Ed tech has gone mainstream and growth is not a question of whether, but where and how fast.  Marketers, your challenge is: How relevant is your product to what teachers really do in the classroom?  I asked a tech salesperson at one large hardware/software booth “What’s the most important thing educators are looking for here?”,  expecting her to point to one model or another or a particular feature.  She looked me in the eye and said, “Content.”

Exercise at the elevation of Denver makes your body thicken your blood with more red cells.  Then you can get the oxygen you need, and you perform even better at lower altitudes.  Use these rarified times to thicken the blood of your product and marketing, to survive the present and prosper in the future.

Mike Baum – Sophia Consulting LLC


About mhbaumk12

Mike Baum has 40 years of experience with all types of direct marketing, has run several companies, spent 25 years as a consultant in franchising and in K-12 education, and currently helps companies find solutions to growth challenges.
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