Comes the revolution…

ISTE’s Learning & Leading magazine just published a “Point/Counterpoint” item on “Will the iPad Revolutionize Education?”  I’m the author of the “no” stance in the piece.  You’ll see my reasons if you click to the article.

But…while I still believe what I said when I wrote my essay (essentially: just one piece of technology isn’t going to “revolutionize” anything as complex as education)…there is a tech revolution going on.  And the latest conference I attended – NCTM – drove that home to me like an 8-pound sledge.

NCTM was pretty well attended, despite the downturn and an unglamorous location (I like Indiana a whole lot, really, but the most memorable “fun fact” about Indianapolis they displayed at the opening session is that it’s the only major American city not built on a river).  And a very extensive show floor with a lot of interesting new stuff.

And it was all tech.

If you hadn’t seen “National Council of Teachers of Mathematics” over the door, and hadn’t happened to notice that all the vendors were selling math products, you’d have thought it was CoSN or ISTE.  Even the “textbook publishers,” both large and small,  were mostly showing their latest tech offerings.  If you hunted real hard you could find conventional textbooks, but no one, including the exhibitors, was very interested in them.

This was emphatically not true at ASCD in March.  There was still plenty of paper there, though lots of tech as well.  So one thing I’m looking for at IRA next week is…what’s the balance today in the curricular area where 50% of the money gets spent?   And where are the crowds?  Stay tuned.

Mike Baum
Sophia Consulting LLC


About mhbaumk12

Mike Baum has 40 years of experience with all types of direct marketing, has run several companies, spent 25 years as a consultant in franchising and in K-12 education, and currently helps companies find solutions to growth challenges.
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